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"This is a legendary track in a prime location. This facility has a great history, and it would be a shame to see it go."

- Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing

“It is a true honor and an amazing opportunity to help in this important effort to save Palm Beach International Raceway. Bringing together community and culture to create generational experiences is priceless. We look forward to making history in West Palm Beach like we’ve done in music, NASCAR and education, Dale!”

- Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull)

"If this racetrack is lost, it means we could see an increase in drag racing, motorcycle racing, and reckless driving on our neighborhood streets and highways, which could lead to senseless fatalities...As Sheriff of Palm Beach County, it is prudent that this facility stays a raceway, so these thrill-seekers have someplace to go beside our public streets"

- Sheriff Ric Bradshaw - PBC

"PBIR has been a big part of our county's legacy. It's a tourism and community asset. If we lose the speedway, it means an end to a motorsports presence for the foreseeable future."

- George Linley, Executive Dir. PBC Sports Commission

"PBIR has long been a magnet for a valuable demographic in this area. Properly enhanced, it could be one of the most desirable facilities of its type anywhere, one that all of the high-end car manufacturers would fight or to host events for their best customers, all of which will support the local hospitality industry."

- Tommy Kendall, Motorsports Hall of Famer

"This is a historical place where I have had wonderful experiences. From taking defensive driving classes there as a high schooler and even racing there in my old Mitsubishi Colt. If this track is gone, it will be a shame for the families looking to create their own memories at this iconic venue".

- Marcie Tinsley, Palm Beach Gardens Council Member

"Growing up in Jupiter, my father often took myself and my brother to PBIR ( then known as Moroso) we loved to watch the drag races and especially the Jet Cars. When I turned 16, my love for cars and racing took me to PBIR where I would race on Test and Tune nights with my friends. Now as a father of 2 boys, I hope to take them to PBIR for them to enjoy it as well!"

- Cam May, Vice-Mayor, Town of Jupiter

"With the long-standing car culture in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas, Palm Beach Raceway is ideally located for continued growth at this historic track. An extraordinary place for so many."

- Danny Sullivan - IndyCar champion and Motorsports Hall of Famer

"Whenever I come to South Florida, I drive at Palm Beach International Raceway. The track has an important place in racing history."

- John Oates from Hall & Oates

"As an athlete, I love competition. It’s great for building character, self-confidence, and developing sportsmanship. Improving the conditions at PBIR and upgrading the facility will attract racers from around the country and create hundreds of jobs in PBC. I’d hate to see it go.”

- Rick Ankiel, Former St. Louis Cardinal, Cardinals announcer, and PBC resident