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Q: How will this plan benefit our local economy? 
A: We will create an iconic facility that will generate local tourism dollars benefiting hotels, restaurants, and small businesses. Additionally, the venue will attract and host one-of-a-kind charity events and provide automotive and technology students educational opportunities. These opportunities will attract more talent, create jobs and increase local purchasing power.

Q: How many jobs will the track create seasonally and year-round?  
A: We will create hundreds of jobs, not including additional management. We anticipate this number to grow as the track attracts attention from non-profits, festivals, and other racing circuits.

Q: Will the expanded facility become a tourist attraction for Palm Beach County?   
A: One of the most essential components of the plan is to create and host events at the track that vary from one-day to multiple-day events in various categories. This cross-functional venue will offer numerous opportunities for groups of all sizes. It will provide wonderful experiences for families and racing enthusiasts. 

Q: How will this project support and benefit our community? 
A: PBIR will host many different genres of races and family events that the public will be able to attend and enjoy. Increased awareness means hotels, restaurants and local businesses will benefit financially. This unique venue will also appeal to numerous non-profit organizations looking for a fresh locale for their events. Additionally, we plan to create a robust technology park that will encourage business development, provide internships, and influence people to move to Palm Beach County.     

Q: What is your commitment to philanthropy?  
A: We have deep roots and a passion for non-profits. Giving back benefits us all as a community. We have teamed up with A Place of Hope whose mission is to end the cycles of abuse, neglect, homelessness, and human trafficking for children, youth, and families in need. We are in the process of aligning with the Teachers Union and a local military charity. We also look to forge relationships with other charitable organizations. 

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